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My Dearest Puppy Bristol

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You know I think you’re just about the cutest puppy ever in the whole wide world (since Shad Roe, that is).  Every day I thank my lucky stars that I obsess over petfinder and I found your puppy picture.   You were so cute!  And you do some of the cutest stuff. Like chasing your tail. And chasing random lights that flicker across the ground or floor.

Bristol when she was still called "Lala" after the dang Teletubbies

And chasing bugs outside.

This is when she was still cute and little. Now she's cute and big.

And carrying around logs bigger than your body. It’s awfully cute when you try to drag them around the yard.

Me? Cute? Nahhh...

It’s cute that you were afraid of the snow the first time you saw it and then you saw Shadow playing and you were all, “SNOW!  BEST THING EVERRRRR!!!!”   And we loved that you ate snow and tunneled in it and ate more of it. You also like to eat grass.And digging up worms and eating them and chasing rabbits and barking at squirrels to protect us.  And you like to protect Shadow even though she’s ten years your senior.

Don't you be touchin' Mah Shad Roe!

But here’s what isn’t cute.

Chasing a fly that’s been stuck inside our house.  Continuously. Between 1am and 3am.

Digging holes all over the yard.  ALL. OVER. THE.YARD.

Caught her red-handed. pawed. Brown pawed? WHATEVS.

Acting like every walk we go on is your first and last.

IZ Gud dog! I Caz has shoos plz?

Eating 3 pairs of crocs.  And a pair of Keens.  And a pair of Tsukihoshis. And a pair of Merrells.  And my favorite ballet flats.  All in one month.

Silly Puppy. Silly, silly, silly.

It’s a good thing you’re cute.


About Marj Hatzell

Marj Hatzell climbed Mount Everest, explored the Amazon and swam the English Channel. No, she didn't really, but she's the mother of two children with a variety of disabilities so SAME THING. She also likes dogs more than she likes people and enjoys speaking about herself in third person because it's all Silence of the Lambs-like.

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  1. rawr.

  2. reminded me so much of her big brother and her smile is just like her big steisr. She is pure sweetness and the perfect completion to her



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