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Well now. Summer is over, the dogs are all gone and now we’re back to normal. Well, a new normal.  Life will never be the same as it was before the Dog Days of Summer started (gosh, I miss Shadow) but we’ll have a new version of our own life back.

Life with a Border Collie is fun.  Shadow was only half Border Collie but apparently she had the full-blooded half, because it turns out her personality was 100% BC.  The lab half fell asleep for ten years and never woke up, apparently. Now Bristol?  Who had a Border Collie for a mother (and they suspect a lab or plot hound father)?  Her inner Border Collie fell asleep, which may have been a good thing. Let’s just say Shadow was special.  She had personality.  Facial expressions.  She was smaht, yo.  But she was also trouble.  Shadow could open the lazy susan corner cabinet and help herself to beef jerky.  Baby locks?  AMATEURS!  She also figured out quickly how to step on the pedal for the trash can to raise the lid and then stick her nose in to eat the contents.  And could open sliding doors and level door knobs. And the list goes on.

Bristol?  Sweet.  Well-behaved.  But…boring. We love her, don’t get me wrong.  One night, when discussing how happy we were that we adopted her (even though THE MAN was totally resistant in the beginning) I said, “But she’s different than Shadow” and THE MAN said, “You mean…OBEDIENT?”  Yeah, Shadow wasn’t exactly that. We let her anxieties and phobias rule how we did things around here.  But this time around?  Different.

Enter Daisy.

She’s all Border Collie.  100%.  OCD. Anxiety.  Energy level.  GO GO GO GO GO.  We love it, it’s a perfect fit for our family.  Autistic dog for an Autistic Family.

And that’s normal enough for us.


About Marj Hatzell

Marj Hatzell climbed Mount Everest, explored the Amazon and swam the English Channel. No, she didn't really, but she's the mother of two children with a variety of disabilities so SAME THING. She also likes dogs more than she likes people and enjoys speaking about herself in third person because it's all Silence of the Lambs-like.


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