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Nine Months Go By and I Still Love Dogs

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I never intended this to be a daily blog, but nine months have gone by and I am embarrassed.  Mostly because I had the intentions of keeping this dog stuff up.  And now that we’re back in high dog sitting seasons, I am making a promise, dear Internets, that I will keep posting at the Crazy Dog Lady Blog.  Honest. Cross my heart, etc, etc.  Not much has changed, really. I’ve watched a number of puppers in the past few months. I still cruise shelters and rescues wishing I could adopt them all.  And I still like dogs more than I like people.

So what has happened in nine months?

Daisy, our beloved new puppy, got bigger. Ever so slightly.  She has now topped off at a whopping twenty-five pounds and she is a wee thing for a border collie. Now, she has three legs and was the runt and had some medical issues in the beginning of her life to deal with so we aren’t surprised by this. Well, we were initially. We tried like mad to get her to gain weight, even putting her on a weight gain food and she LOST A HALF A POUND. Then we took her off of it and doubled her regular puppy food and she stayed exactly the same. The vet concurs that it is best she is a wee thing, since she has to put all of her weight on one tiny matchstick of a leg.  So being tiny is GOOD.  GOOD GIRL!  STAY!

Daisy had a scare at the Holidays and we thought she was getting that fourth, rarely used leg sawed off. You know, because it’s SO CONVENIENT to have your limping, bleeding dog at the vet right before you have an onslaught of folks in and out.  And better yet, it coincided with my brilliant herniation of two discs in my back and I ended up in a wheelchair for two weeks. SO MUCH FUN.  The good news was that she stubbed her “stub” and was right as rain in two weeks. They even gave her a super-cute cast:

See? Cute cast!

But she had to wear the cone of shame:


Not a happy camper that week. However, this is how she looks most of the time:


That’s her “red ball.”  Since Daisy is a border collie, she naturally picks up on stuff in seconds. Like, smarter than your honor student? Yeah. She knows the names of toys. And once red ball went missing and we had to substitute with green ball. And even though they are color blind, somehow she knew it wasn’t quite right that green ball was there instead. But she eventually gave in,  because a border collie’s drive? FIERCE.

And when I say fierce, I mean that in a must-slather-myself-with-mud-even-on-a-sunny-day-kinda-way. because she’s awesome like that and she LERVES looking like she’s chocolate dipped. And this isn’t even the worst picture, yo:

That eventually ends up on my floor. And bed. And couch, and on the walls and...

Her fur sister, Bristol, is the yin to Daisy’s yang. She is mellow while Daisy is energetic. She is stoic while Daisy is expressive. She is well-behaved and compliant while Daisy is mischievous and daring.  It’s a good matchup. Bristol basically has one facial expression for everything:


*YAWN* so bored. Sigh. Eyeroll. Yup. That’s her happy. And sad. And fed up with Daisy’s antics. And happy. And bored. And scared. And…you get the drill. She falls asleep sitting up, I tells ya. She sleeps and sleeps some more. At barely two, I’ve never seen a more mellow dog. Unless, of course, my brother’s dog visits.  When BruNO! is here, all bets are off:

The one where they try to eat each other

When BruNO is here, they spend a few hours beating the holy crud out of each other. They roll around on the ground, attempt to eat each other for breakfast and wrestle, all while making painful and high pitch doggy noises. People actually stop to see if they are ok and I’m all, “WHUT? Does not compute?” Until I realize they think BruNO and Bristol are in the midst of a fight-to-the-death match. Which couldn’t be further from the truth because these two dogs? OMG A BLADE OF GRASS!  SCARRRRRY!  HALP! Yes. Wimpy.  Both of ’em.

So there you have it. I’m back on the horse. I have plenty to write about, including my brother’s wedding and honeymoon and how I watched BruNO for two weeks and he freaked something major and ended up drugged but that’s a different story for a different day…


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Marj Hatzell climbed Mount Everest, explored the Amazon and swam the English Channel. No, she didn't really, but she's the mother of two children with a variety of disabilities so SAME THING. She also likes dogs more than she likes people and enjoys speaking about herself in third person because it's all Silence of the Lambs-like.

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  1. You are hilarious and such fun to read! I “lerve” that pic of Bristol 🙂

    I’m totally stalking you over at DG … my son is so much like Bugboy it’s creepy (in a good way). I so get it, sister! Loved your house tour.



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