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About the Crazy Dog Lady

The Crazy Dog Lady is also known as The Domestic Goddess or Marj Hatzell.

She first began dog-sitting over ten years ago to supplement her income, since she and The MAN had just bought a house and were tired of eating Tender Vittles for Dinner.  When The Dog Who Started It All went home after a month of doggy heaven, Crazy Dog Lady and The MAN were sad and lonely.  Then they adopted their own crazy dog and lived happily ever after. Until a month later when they found out they were expecting a human baby.  Doh!

Since Crazy Dog Lady decided she was quitting her job to stay home with the baby, she began babysitting full-time and  dog sitting more frequently. You know, to buy things like diapers and food, because those little humans sure do eat stuff. A year later, human baby number two was on its way.  DOH!

So, after a few years of staying home (and moving to a newer, bigger house with a bigger yard a mere 1/2 mile away in a town that is four square blocks and six hundred people ), Crazy Dog Lady started dog sitting more and babysitting less.  Until it got to the point where she was dog sitting pretty much constantly and only babysitting once in a while.

Then she had a revelation.  She likes dogs more than people.

It occurred to Crazy Dog Lady that she knew the names of almost EVERY DOG IN TOWN and didn’t know the names of their owners.  When she was walking her dog(s) she immediately said hello to passing doggies and barely made eye contact with the owners.  Crazy Dog Lady also realized that she gave up her dreams of going to vet school and wished she hadn’t.  With two young boys (one of whom had some significant special needs) she felt it impossible to go back to school to become a vet because it would take too much time away from her family’s needs. So she’d started doing the next best thing in her eyes, opening up her home to doggies.

It gets chaotic at times and it gets ugly.   Think  four dogs during a thunderstorm.  Or five dogs + four feet of snow that just melted plus my kitchen floor.  And then add in the fact that Crazy Dog Lady is TECHNICALLY allergic to dogs (Fine. She’s totally allergic to dogs.  Don’t tell her allergist, mmkay? ).  But it’s doggy paradise around here and that’s the way we like it.  And by we I mean ME.



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