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Two Border Collies and a Frisbee

Last weekend we had a very special guest. (An)Gus is a local celebrity, the coolest dog in our little Mayberry-esque town. He’s a Border Collie, super-duper well-trained and fun to be around. Gus stalks his front yard and waits for unsuspecting folks to attempt a walk-by. Little do they know he will charm them with his powers of persuasion and they will be playing Frisbee or tossing a tennis ball for hours.

O Hai! I can haz Frisbee?

Border Collies are naturally smart, happy and entertaining dogs. They LIVE to work. Running and catching and doing and playing are all they really care about. Sleep? BAH! For the weak! I dare you to try to walk by a Border Collie and not get fished in by their charm. But don’t be fooled, they are as devious and cunning as they are lovable charming. So buyer beware. They aren’t a goldens, yo, and really need a special family. One that can keep up with the constant demand for attention and exercise.

O Hai! We Haz Frisbee!

Anywho, back to Gus. I was thrilled when his owner, my neighbor, asked me to sit him over the weekend while they attended a family wedding out of town. And my weekend looked like this:

Walk two border collies
Throw Frisbee with right hand, tennis ball with left hand
Walk two border collies
Throw Frisbee with left hand and tennis ball with right hand while kicking Hol-ee-roller
Walk two border collies and the lab who finally woke up for the day
Throw Frisbee, tennis ball, rope toy AND kick ball, nearly simultaneously
lather, rinse, repeat.


Seriously, it was one heckuva fun weekend. It was like having two Daisies at my house. Except one had three feet and one four. And now I know why I ended up with a lab who doesn’t move. One Border Collie is all I need for now( Or can keep up with, since I get about eight hours of sleep. Per week). And Daisy’s birth family, my cousins, have three.

Keep them in your thoughts.


O Hai! I Can Haz Blog Nao?

Did you miss me? Missed me. I have decided I need to keep this dog blog thing going so forgive my, um, nine month absence. I have had one heckuva life since the last post. Like, sick parents, a deceased parent, kids having massive behavioral issues, surgery to remove polyps. You know, the usual everyday stuffs. Anywho. Back to doggies:

I like dogs more than most people.

No! Really! I like kids more than grow ups, too. Let’s just say my social skills are stellar. I have rarely met a dog who didn’t see me and go all OH MAH GAHHHHH ILOVEYOUILOVEYOUILOVEYOU. I seem to have that effect on kids and dogs. Maybe because I act like a teenager? And dress like one?

And smell good to a dog?


After a few months off, dog season is back in full swing. The first holiday weekend since Christmas and everyone and their uncle has gone away. Except for us, because our Bugaboo doesn’t do new and different so we stay home and do same-same. I have a few regulars that come often for quick jaunts to the shore or a weekend to see family that isn’t so dog-loving. it’s nice, easy money. Except when it rains.

Guess what the forecast was ALL WEEKEND?


I am totally not mopping, y’all. If you come over, wear shoes and grubby clothes because its going to be the first mudfest of 2012. Unseasonably warm winter weather creates havoc in the form of mud. It ain’t gonna be pretty. And naturally all three guest doggies are ginormous. All three of them are also light-colored. Really light-colored. At least with Bristol you can’t SEE the mud, AMIRIGHT???

So who did we have with us?

Ella, part tank, part lab.

Ella, the Yellow Lab. She’s built like a tank and once knocked me on my arse. Literally. Feet in the air, gymnastics, stuff flying out of my arms. I am soooo graceful!

Here's Zane sitting behind my brother's dog, Bruno. Looking a little perplexed.

Zane the Collie, also known as Zanye (rhymes with Kanye) or Zanelander. Ever see Zoolander? Zhe had problems turning left in the movie? Well, Zane is a teensy bit uncoordinated. He got the moniker “Zoolander” due to the fact that when I walk him he tends to go on the wrong side of trees, poles and other permanently placed objects and can’t seem to navigate around them. The first time I walked him he got stuck to the right of a pole and couldn’t seem to figure out how to turn left to get on the correct side on the sidewalk with me. I nearly died laughing. Also? Since he doesn’t go upstairs at his house he couldn’t navigate stairs. Until recently. One day I came back from an appointment and called him and called him to let him out with my girls and I finally noticed him peeking around the corner down the stairs at me. He was stuck. And a little embarrassed. But we love him, he’s goofy and sweet and loves my girls. Even if he did walk into my sliding door. On more than one occasion.

Jasper, the big, giant, huge (did I mention large?) Teddy Bear.

Jasper is a golden doodle? Yellowlabradoodle? Dunno. One of those. Anyways, I have watched many doodle/oodle/noodle dogs and they are usually a little high-strung and goofy. Not Jasper. MELLOW. Sweet, laid back, obedient…I could go on. The quintessential dog at your feet. HS like a big teddy bear. And except for the fact that he likes to hump pillows (don’t ask) and once ate one of my throw pillows and left five pounds of down all over my yard, he’s pretty much the perfect dog. Do you know how difficult it isn’t clean up down from a lawn? I do.

And of course I have my own goofy duo.  Turns out it didn’t rain all weekend, we spent 99% of it outside and the dogs were happy (and tired) and my floors are much better for it. SCORE.

And there you have it. I’m back.